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Time has been our ally. We have grown and projected our business in a competitive and globalized environment. Today in Grupo P.I. Mabe we appear as one large multinational corporation with high capacity business and focus on innovation.

It is our pleasure to announce that following the finalization of the transaction, Grupo P.I. Mabe is now officially part of the Ontex Group, a leading international producer of personal hygiene solutions for babies, women and adults. Our quality, value-for-money products are distributed in more than 110 countries through leading retailer private labels, as well as under our own brands. Read more...

  1. 1977

    Grupo P.I. Mabe commences in the city of Puebla as a 100% Mexican company.

    Producing the brand of sanitary pads for the main supermarkets in Mexico.

  2. 1979

    The first disposable diaper

    It is produced the first disposable diaper for babies under the name "Kiko".

  3. 1983


    Chicolastic brand is introduced into the Mexican market.

  4. 1986

    Colored disposable diapers.

    CHICOLOR revolutionizes the brand of disposable diapers with a stylized concept; 6 different colors in each pack.

  5. 1987

    Absorbent Material

    CHICOLASTIC Ultra, is the first diaper with a high absorbent material in Latin America.

  6. 1989

    Grupo P.I. Mabe develops and patents the first trifold diaper which is folded in three for protecting its nucleus.

    It is the first diaper on the market with an elastic waist made with polyurethane foam with gives more softness and security.

  7. 1992

    Chicolastic Cambios Compact

    Goes ahead to the competition and offers a 5 sizes product, allowing a better fit through the baby's growth.
    It is launched on the market a bag to hold the diaper without the need of sealing (reversible bag).

  8. 1994


    Are the only training underpants produced in Latin America.

  9. 1995


    Launch of AFFECTIVE, an adult diaper which satisfy the consumers protection expectations.

  10. 1996

    Paragon Mabesa International

    Faced to the globalization, a strategic alliance is established with the American company Paragon Trade Brands, emerging in a new company called Paragon Mabesa International.

  11. 1997

    New releases

    FIORE is launched as a feminine protection brand, with wings that offers more aside protection to the female user.

  12. 1998

    Introduction of Pro Derm technology

    CHICOLASTIC is the first brand in Latin America to introduce a formula that really helps to prevent and control the diaper irritation (Pro Derm).
    CHICOLASTIC Size 6 is the first diaper for bigger children.

  13. 1999

    New Office

    It is opened a business representation in Chile.

  14. 2000

    Acquisition of the Autex Company

    The alliance with Paragon Trade Brands comes to its end.
    It is acquired the company Autex, with operations in Spain and Portugal.

  15. 2001

    New release

    The launching of Champs baby diaper for taller babies.

  16. 2002

    New release

    The launching of Kiddies baby diapers, the first diaper in Mexico with a license of Warner Bros. showing Baby Looney Tunes pictures.

  17. 2003

    New release

    It is introduced in the market the disposal baby diapers brand Adorables, focused on the wholesale market low share.
    The concept of external barriers is introduced, placed towards the outside for better exudates containment.
    FIORE is the first single packed nonwoven fabric sanitary pad on the marked to bring more softness and discretion.

  18. 2004

    New releases

    Affective brand for incontinence relaunching and consolidation.
    FIORE sanitary pad is improved by adding to it the SMOOTH CARE formula which contains natural emollients and a chlorophyll-based odour control.

  19. 2005

    Relaunch of Fiore

    LThe leadership on the incontinence protection market is achieved with Pre-folded.
    The CHICOLASTIC CLASSIC COMOFORT diaper is the first inexpensive diaper on the market with a mechanic zipper system (Hook & Loop).
    FIORE relaunching now with double circuit distribution and contention canals.

  20. 2006

    New release

    Bbtips diapers introduction on the market, addressed to the medium high economic level and to parents who are willing to be baby care professionals.

  21. 2007

    New release

    Bio Baby is launched, the first diaper in the Americas containing the largest amount of natural and/or biodegradable materials and Premium absorption.

  22. 2008

    New product

    Cleaning wipes manufacturing commencement.

  23. 2009

    New releases

    AFFECTIVE FRESH is launched, the first adult diaper with breathable sides.

    The incorporation of an emollient for protection and regeneration of the skin is made for AFFECTIVE products.

  24. 2010

    New releases

    KIDDIES ANTIFUGAS is launched with a new anti-runoff system and PREMIUM functionality.

    Bbtips wipes is launched, the unique one that is impregnated with natural extracts of arnica and oats, in an extra-large soft cloth. The most advisable for your baby.

  25. 2011

    New releases

    The brand Baby Bio is relaunch integrating more planet friendly materials (biodegradable and sustainable) and Bio Wipies the first towels 100% environmentally friendly in Mexico.
    Chicolastic Classic wipes and Kiddies wipes are launched. Makeover on the complete line of Affective, launching the new belt silhouette and extra large size in Fresh.

  26. 2012

    New releases

    Launch of new presentation of Chicolastic Classic, offering up to 8 hours, the first product of the economic segment which specifies time of use.
    Launch of Bio Wipies 3-Pack.
    Bbtips lauches new generation with the integration of new technology in the diaper which makes it smoother, better fit the baby's body for his new butterfly frame offering freedom of movement to the baby, new improved UltraSafe system (dry and protected skin up to 12 hours of overnight wear).
    Relaunch of Kiddies Antifugas, functional improvements that ensure the product.
    Manufacturing Affective Pants of medium and small size in Mexico.

  27. 2013

    New releases

    Makeover on Chicolastic Classic wipes and new engraved on each wipe.
    Manufacturing Affective Pants of large and extra large size in Mexico.

  28. 2016

    Acquisition of Grupo P.I. Mabe by Ontex Group

    Together, creating a considerably strong platform for the global growth markets of personal care solutions.


Grupo P.I. Mabe is a 100% Mexican company founded 35 years ago and today one of the leading manufacturers of disposable hygienic products.

We are second in sales in Mexico, Central America, Spain and Portugal disposable baby diapers and incontinence. And we are the leader in Private Label Mexico in baby diaper (95%), incontinence (95%) and feminine protection (55%) manufacturer.

Grupo P.I. Mabe is also the manufacturer of private labels fastest growing in the U.S. and Canada.

Since the introduction of feminine protection products in 1977, our products have occupied an important place in the lives of our consumers in more than 37 countries worldwide.

Our achievements have a solid foundation in research and technological development as well as our broad portfolio of patents (240 patents in 12 countries and 90 in process).

The strategic vision we have has allowed us to compete effectively for the consumer preference with world class companies on several continents.

In 2003, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) awarded our group with the WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises for our highly active patent generation.

In 2012, Supplier of the Year 2012 award by WALMART Mexico and Central America is received along with the award of "Best supplier of consumables of Bodega Aurrera".

At the 13th Awards delivery of Grand Prize of Innovation in Spain, our brand Bio Baby was rewarded by the Grand Prize of innovation as the product of the year 2013.

In May 2014, Farmacias Benavides granted us with the recognition as the best provider of the year in the category of "Personal Care and Hygiene."

In November 2014 H-E-B Mexico awarded the prize of "Strategic Partner 2014" to Grupo P.I. Mabe to consistently contribute to improved sales, profitability and service level.

The judges commend Grupo P.I. Mabe for taking the long-term view and embracing sustainable business practices long before these became fashionable. Through innovation and dialogue, the company has addressed consumers' concerns regarding the environmental impact of disposable nappies. That is nothing less than a tour-de-force which merits recognition. The judges feel fully confident in extending the 2015 Best Sustainability Mexico Award to Grupo P.I. Mabe.

These are some of the acknowledgments for quality and technology of our products.
Always providing the best for you and your family.

Industria Limpia Bareau Veritas Social Accountability Accreditation Services BRC FSC HACCP Bureau Veritas


Our concern is to keep the world free of pollutants

Nowadays, the concern for ecology is crucial for every company's development. It is vital to integrate politics and processes that help to reduce the impact on nature. 

That is why Grupo P.I. Mabe has a strong commitment to...

We have made nature our most important supplier.

Natural resources are essential between the interaction of man and his environment.

One of the renewable natural resources of great ecological value are the trees so, currently, all of our products use cellulose, one of the raw materials of increased access and easy recovery, because as well as our suppliers, we care about the reforestation of forests.

Likewise, our diapers contain a plastic cover and superabsorbent both from petroleum and of natural origin, confirming our commitment to increase our base of products with the greatest number of raw materials of natural origin every day.

A diaper with natural technology

Currently Biobaby ® is the only diaper in Latin America helping to reduce the environmental impact. It contains a large number of sustainable and biodegradable materials that are able to return to nature in a much shorter time.

As pioneers of a product capable of revolutionising our ecological culture, we are proud to promote environmental stewardship through online advertising campaigns in order to ensure a cleaner future.

Wind energy : Promotion and Development of Wind Farms

The energy from wind is the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents, and is transformed into other useful forms of human activities.

Wind energy is an abundant, renewable, economical, clean resource and helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing thermoelectric fossil fuel resource, which makes it a kind of green energy.

In Grupo P.I. Mabe we are motivated by environmental stewardship, so that we go beyond the concept of these words, understanding that it is through the actions that we can reduce the impact of our products to the ecology.

Since 2002 we have the Clean Industry certification granted by the Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) as an award for having complied satisfactorily with the legal requirements on environment, which is a source of pride for Grupo P.I. Mabe.

The nature conservation is a fundamental part of our strategy, resulting in the generation of an added value to our products, making them unique and highly competitive. Also, based on our commitment to the environment, our suppliers have joined to the search for the certification of their processes.

Appropriate use of resources

The proper use of disposable diapers sizes help to reduce the number of diapers used per day thereby generating less waste and optimizing the product life cycle, which results in less impact to the environment and saving for consumers.

To ensure the proper use of our products, Grupo P.I. Mabe has several tools to guide consumers on the proper use of our products, either through information on their packaging or with push-girls at the point of sale who will be willing to explain from the variety of existing products which is the adequate product for each need.

Nevertheless, Grupo P.I. Mabe tries to keep in touch with the consumer since the birth of infants through intensive sampling in hospitals all around the country with the sole purpose of bringing to the consumer products that are nature-friendly.

Without Worries

One of the main concerns about the use of disposable products is the generation of waste after use, however, we can not forget that about 5% of solid wastes fall into this category, hence it is important to count on products like our diapers Bio Baby containing materials of natural origin and biodegradable.


Time has been our ally. We have grown our business and projected in a competitive and globalized. Grupo P.I. Mabe appears as one large multinational corporation with high-capacity business and focus on innovation.


Bio Baby

Is the first eco-friendly diaper with premium performance in Latin America.

Bio Baby contributes to the ecology as it includes the largest number of sustainable materials, so that babies do not have to deal with them when they grow up. We also integrate sustainable materials to break the dependence on non-renewable resources and protect the future resources of the world of babies.

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Is the first diaper brand focuses on new parents, providing not only a very trustable diaper, but also valuable advices for the care of their babies in each package and through its website and social networks.

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¡Now! Bbtips Sensitive with new benefits.




Is the first diaper in Mexico to guarantee its anti-leakage performance. With this, Kiddies is the best option within value and price in the intermediate segment by offering a premium anti-leakage performance.

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Download the new app kiddies vaccine schedule.



Baby pants

Training underpants are a useful and didactic help for the baby to learn how to go to the bathroom with the required absorbency for protecting the baby while he is learning.

Baby Pants is an efficient training pants with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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Training Baby Pants with a whole new image, ¡Help your kid with the potty training!




Classic, true to its position, seeks to be the best option at the best price, offering the longest lasting core performance in the economy segment.

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¡Chicolastic Classic, now keep your baby dry for up to 9 hours!




Is a high quality line for adult incontinence protection. It offers products that correspond every need and has a formula of gel that provides better absorption.

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Affective has been renewed, find it now as Affective Pants Underwear.




In Affective® we care about making your life healthier, so we offer a variety of products with specific features that will help you in your daily life.

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Offers an excellent cost-benefit value. Features like an extra-soft cover with chamomile and chlorophyll offer softness, skin care, odor control and high absorbency.

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For over 30 years, Grupo P.I. Mabe has successfully implemented private label programs for several clients in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries.

Grupo P.I. Mabe is currently the leading supplier of private label disposable diapers, incontinence products and feminine care in Mexico and one of the fastest growing in the US and in Canada.

Know-how and experience: Since 1977 we have been suppliers of private label programs. We offer products in the categories of baby diaper, adult incontinence, feminine protection and wet wipes.

Innovation: Our private brand programs are improved with our continuous process of innovation.

Quality:  In order to guarantee the highest quality for our products, we have the ISO 9001 certification and we work with the best manufacturing practices.

Service:  We have a large logistic network for the markets we attend. High qualifications in service.


Philip Ludwig - Head of Investors Relations / +32 53 333 730 /

Gaëlle Vilatte - Head of Corporate Communications / +32 53 333 708 /


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